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Welcome to the episode guide! If there’s a topic or a guest you heard on the podcast, you’ll find it listed here, with links to the full show and show notes.

Episode 95: Prepare to Pivot
Episode 94: I Hear You
Episode 93: Change Your Focus
Episode 92: Is The Price Too High?
Episode 91: Life Lessons to Remember
Episode 90: Time to Open Up
Episode 89: Working Briefly with Subby
Episode 88: Fade to Black
Episode 87: Did You Hear What You Said?
Episode 86: Discovering Our Hidden Habits
Episode 85: Tune Into Yourself
Episode 84: They Don’t Know Any Better
Episode 83: Take Good Care
Episode 82: When A Tree Falls in the Forest
Episode 81: My Thoughts On Corona Virus
Episode 80: You Can Be the Magician
Episode 79: The Red Hot Keys of Abundance w/Jessi Payne
Episode 78: Something You Should Remember
Episode 77: Love and the Peace Corp with Cynthia Handle!
Episode 76: Who Are You Competing With?
Episode 75: Winning with Hindsight for 2020
Episode 74: Headed for the New Year (2020)
Episode 73: There’s Something You Should Know
Episode 72: Looking In the Rear View Mirror
Episode 71: Compassionate Wednesday
Episode 70: Wealth Strategies and Risk Management with Jim Layhew
Episode 69: Play Your Hand
Episode 68: Welcome to 2019
Episode 67: Ask Empowering Questions
Episode 66: Happy Leon Day! How’s Your Goals?
Episode 65: Contradictions We Live With
Episode 64: 3 Words Successful People Use In Problem-Solving
Episode 63: Communication Is a Two-Way Street
Episode 62: Live the Gift of You w/Jessi Payne
Episode 61: Running Towards Joy
Episode 60: Come Back Strong w/Lori Ann King
Episode 59: It’s Hard Being Positive
Episode 58: In Syracuse – One Man’s Vision w/ John DeSantis
Episode 57: Responsibility Is Not Blame
Episode 56: Back to the Beginning (briefly)
Episode 55: Are You Willing to Be Successful?
Episode 54: Contagious Enthusiasm
Episode 53: Welcome to 2018
Episode 52: Don’t Quit!
Episode 51: Making Changes
Episode 50: Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect
Episode 49: Milestone Monday
Episode 48: Focus On Your Wins
Episode 47: What of Personal Independence
Episode 46: Time to (re-)Commence
Episode 45: Happy Fathers Day
Episode 44: Why the Mastermind?
Episode 43: Can You Have it All?
Episode 42: Peace and Contentment
Episode 41: Perspective Use It
Episode 40: The Ever-Loving Essence of You w/Jamie Lerner
Episode 39: Who Needs Rules for Success?
Episode 38: What Life Would You Live?
Episode 37: Goodbye 2016
Episode 36: Closing Year Thoughts
Episode 35: Doing It Alone Part 2
Episode 34: Doing It Alone – Part 1
Episode 33: Could You Renew Your Contract
Episode 32: After Thanksgiving
Episode 31: You Can’t Fail
Episode 30 IP Evening Edition
Episode 29: Random KelBabble
Episode 28: Focus Pocus
Episode 27: You Can Get There
Episode 26: I Just Called to Say
Episode 25: Through Your Eyes
Episode 24: On Self Talk
Episode 23: Steps to Feeling Prosperous (revised)
Episode 22: What If
Episode 21: Had a Bad Day
Episode 20: Space for Innovation with Jill Hurst-Wahl
Episode 19: Lessons From Making Tea
Episode 18: Decisions
Episode 17: I Talk Too Much
Episode 16: It’s My Fault
Episode 15: Prime The Pump
Episode 14: Laughter It Does a Body Good
Episode 13: Fire Up Your Motivation (Part 2)
Episode 12: Motivation Part 1
Episode 11: Why Meditation
Episode 10: Winning Over Anxiety with Peg Haust Arliss
Episode 9: The Story of VitaminK
Episode 8: The Power of Habits
Episode 7: I’m BACK!
Episode 6: 7 Steps to a Better 2016
Episode 5: Happy New Year 2016
Episode 4: Change The Channel
Episode 3: Gratitude
Episode 2: Six Steps for a Positive Mental Attitude
Episode 1: Removing The Chocks